Digital Model Of 3d Printing

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Table of Contents
I History Background 2
II technology detail 3
Contour Crafting (CC) 3
-Concept 3
Building Procedure 3
Automated Reinforcement 4
Automated Plumbing 5
Electrical Network Installation 6
Material 7
III Compare with Conventional House Construction. 8
Conventional House Construction 8
Contour Crafting Vs. Conventional 8
IV Application 9
NASA project 9
Winsun 10
V Future Outlook 10
VI Conclusion 10

I History Background
3D printing technology was start in the mid-1990s, this technology construct the real object from a digital model from computer, layer by layer using certain material in powered state. In the past, this technology is applied in mold manufacturing, and nowadays, it is being used in direct manufacturing. With the improvement of this technology, more and more items can be done through 3D printing. However, the potential of the 3D printing is far more than DIY small household items. In March of 2013, a Chinese firm has claimed to have done 3d printing of ten houses within 24 hours. Two years later, in January of 2015, they has further demonstrate its technology with a five story apartment building, compete with decorative element both inside and outside. In fact, this technology is now overturn the traditional construction industry.
In the building construction, building layer by layer has been practiced for several thousand years. Bricking is a common method of building construction, which is actually lay construction. Therefore, it make

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