Directed By Stephen Frears, Philomena (2013), Depicts A

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Directed by Stephen Frears, Philomena (2013), depicts a true story about a young unmarried mother who faces a cruel fate and reality due to a conservative and religious society during the 1950s in Ireland. By the character of Philomena, the viewers can learn about a young mother who is separated from her young baby boy due to her unfortunate circumstance of not being married at the time of pregnancy and birth. The young mother’s world is crushed into pieces by the loss of her newborn son whom she keeps in existence yet in secret for the next 50 years. It is easy for viewers to get fascinated by this movie with Judy Dench (the lead character) as they can relate and empathize for woman related issues and circumstances in life. The viewers…show more content…
Eventually, after years with unsuccessful efforts of locating her son Anthony, Philomena finally gets in touch with Martin Sixsmith, a depressed BBC journalist through her daughter whom she shares with another man she had married later in life. Martin becomes both invested and intrigued by Philomena’s secret story, and takes on a mission to help Philomena locate and reconnect with her son, with the intention to potentially publishing it as a story. Philomena and Martin’s journey in searching for Anthony eventually ends in Washington, and proves to involve unexpected details and profound discoveries relevant to their lives and circumstances. Philomena and her life story is portrayed in limited fashion throughout the movie; not much information has been provided other than Philomena being a faithful Irish woman, cohabiting with her daughter who has limited knowledge about Anthony until now in connection his 50th birthday approaching. What the audience learn, is that Philomena had managed to go on marrying, had a daughter, and was a psychiatric nurse by profession until retirement. Throughout her conversations in the movie, viewers might infer that through her choice of profession, she had in some ways acquired the nurturing role that she lacked in respect to the memory of her lost son Anthony. Furthermore, her relationship with her daughter is also portrayed as positive and close. And interestingly, the developing

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