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Dirt Bikes Dirt bikes can be a very fun recreational item to use for not just yourself but your family. There are many different options when it comes to choosing one. There are different brands, sizes, strokes, and manual or automatic. If you want to learn more about them and how to choose one, this reading will be very helpful to you. Many popular different brands include Kawasaki, Suzuki, Honda, Yamaha, Husqvarna, or KTM. There are other ones, but these are the most popular (Dirt Bikes Tips and Pics). Personally I prefer Yamaha or Honda. The different brands also come with different colored bodies. Kawasaki is green, Suzuki is yellow, Honda is red, Yamaha is blue, Husqvarna is usually black, red, white, yellow or blue, and KTM is orange. …show more content…

There are a lot of different sizes but the most common ones are either a 125, 250, or a 450. A 125 being the smallest size for an adult and a 450 being the biggest (Kramer). There are much smaller bikes for kids though. Usually the numbers will often times have a letter after or before the numbers, such as ttr 125 or a 250f. I personally had a ttr 125. It was smaller but not too big which made it easy for me to learn how to ride. Some dirt bikes are automatic but most are manual which involves a clutch. So before getting one, i’d familiarize myself with how to use a clutch. It was very difficult for me to learn at first, especially the taking off part. You have to give it just enough gas while letting go of the clutch slowly while continuing to give it more gas (T Andrew). Then you should be able to let go of the clutch completely and off you go. Sometimes you will slip the clutch, especially on your first try and it will turn off the bike. So you just restart it and try …show more content…

One is located down by your right foot. Push down on it and this brake will stop the back tire. Then there is a break bar located on the right handle that you pull in and this will stop the front tire. You can use one or both, but be careful because squeezing the front brake too hard can throw you off the front of the bike. As you start to slow down, start shifting back down to first gear (T, Andrew). Then as you’re about to stop, pull the clutch in and press or squeeze the brake and you should be at a complete stop. To keep the bike running in first gear you have to keep the clutch held in. If you don’t want to do this, simply shift the bike into neutral and let go of the clutch and your bike should remain

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