Disadvantages Of A Textbook Based Curriculum

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Dear Elementary School Board, I am a concerned parent of a kindergartener whom attends this school. I am writing this letter in hopes of protesting the new textbook-based curriculum. Throughout the course of this letter, I would like to suggest some other developmentally appropriate practices that may be of use to your curriculum. It is not just my own opinion, but it is a fact that textbook based curriculum is not appropriate for kindergarteners, and I will explain why throughout this letter. For one, children need to be active while learning. Two, children are social by nature, which means they need to socialize with other children throughout their school day. And three, children learn at different paces, hitting milestones around the same age, but not exactly as their peers, so it makes it difficult to put their learning to a strict schedule based on a textbook. For these reasons, I highly encourage a developmentally appropriate practice such as centering the curriculum based on the children’s interests versus what is strictly in a textbook or on a test. The Disadvantages of a Textbook-based Curriculum in Kindergarten There are several disadvantages of a textbook-based curriculum throughout all of schooling, let alone in a kindergarten classroom. One reason is that textbooks can be outdated, causing the information to not be modern, in which case they have differing opinions than today, updated information, or have anything to do with the way children learn today.
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