Disadvantages Of Biodiesel

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A biofuel is a renewable fuel that is produced from vegetable and animal fats. The process that converts these oils into fuel is known as transesterification or esterification. in transesterification, the fatty acids and triglycerides that are within animal and vegetable oils react with methanol with a catalyst such as sodium hydroxide which results in the formation of fatty acid methyl esters. Structurally, both biodiesel and petrodiesel contain hydrogen and carbon atoms, however petrodiesel is a pure hydrocarbon compound whereas biodiesel has two oxygen atoms, an ester group ( Biodiesel differs from petroleum as environmentally, as biodiesel is biodegradable and non-toxic, and is more environmentally friendly compared to conventional diesel which is considered to be an environmental hazard as it is not renewable and contributes to the weakening of the ozone layer and global warming due to its carbon, sulphurous and nitrogenous dioxides, due to incomplete combustion. Biofuels can be a progressive move in society due to its environmental benefits in reducing harmful emissions into the atmosphere, however the fuel does require more processes to be converted to fuel and by using food crops as a possible biofuel source, this could create a shortage in crops. However, by making biofuels the prominent fuel, more jobs could be created which would be beneficial economically but biofuels are more expensive to produce and purchase than normal petrodiesel so if

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