Disadvantages Of Calamansi

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Powdered Calamansi Anyone?

Numerous Filipino dishes have calamansi as a main ingredient, with the fruit’s juice used either as a marinade, as part of a dish or a dip.
Cooking for a family using calamansi involves slicing the fruit, squeezing the juice out then straining the juice to remove the seeds. Cooking large batches for a party could make this tedious chore a nightmare.
D-Lite Ingredients and Chemicals, a company established in 2011, is pushing powdered calamansi as an alternative to the squeezing and the mess involved with handling the fresh fruit.
The firm’s sales manager, Francis Ciabal, was at the recent Biotechnology Week exhibit held by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).
D-Lite is a member of the Chamber of Herbal …show more content…

“Before, every time you go to a fancy restaurant, you order a green mango shake. That is seasonal. Because we have green mango powder, it will be available all year round,” Ciabal said.
At the exhibit, one box containing 48 two-gram sachets sold for P40. Two grams of powdered calamansi, according to GPI’s website, is equivalent to the juice of seven fruits. The price of a kilo of calamansi in the market fluctuates between P20 to as high as P60.
Ciabal said their product’s only competitor is bottled calamansi puree, available under several brands.
“They’re very expensive, at P80 to P100 per bottle. They’re also full of preservatives and sugar, which mask the natural taste of calamansi. Their shelf life is four to six months, and will only last a week once the bottle is opened,” he said.
He said Juan’s calamansi powder can be stored for about 24 months.
According to Ciabal, D-Lite has distributors who sell the calamansi powder locally to small restaurants, eateries, mini-groceries and selected neighborhood stores.
“Hopefully, by the first quarter of 2013, it will be available in leading groceries and supermarkets,” he said.
Ciabal said one bartender found that two sachets of calamansi powder could be added to light beer to make a shandy, while another bar uses the powder for …show more content…

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