Disadvantages Of Corpus Linguistics

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Corpus linguistics
Corpus Linguistics (CL) is a method of operating linguistic analysis (McEnery & Wilson, 2001, p1) that “facilitates empirical descriptions of language use” (Biber, 2011, p15). This method is based on analysis of ‘Corpus’ ,which is a sample of different kinds of texts, such as newspaper texts, or specifically editorials, video scripts, everyday conversation and many other types of written language (Baker, 2012, p248). Corpus Linguistics tries to establish a balanced corpus _Latin form of body_ of language in order to represent variety of language, so that no single type of writing over-represented. Corpus Linguistics has become popular since 1990. Hence, “it is often describe as being a relatively new approach that investigates language in use with the aim of computers. Compared with the eras of the 60s and 70s, researchers nowadays have access to large and different types of corpora, along with the presence of a set of …show more content…

They continued by stating that “Newspapers have lots of ways of writing about a given topic, and they continuously make decisions, choosing one particular way out of a potentially large, perhaps infinite, set of choices. “A corpus analysis will allow us to see which choices are privileged, giving evidence for mainstream, popular or entrenched ways of thinking through ‘repetition’” (ibid(. In point of fact, repeated patterns expose that evaluative meanings are not simply personal, but extensively shared in a discourse community. A word, expression or construction possibly will show a cultural stereotype. A corpus analysis of thousands of newspaper articles is to detect such media repetitions, occurring many times over, gradually influencing their

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