Genre Analysis of Movie Review Essay

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1. Introduction In recent years, movie class plays a more and more important role in English teaching in China. Most teachers require students to write movie reviews after watching the movie. However, how to write movie review is still remain unclear to students. Some student download a review from the internet, and some write a summary of the movie instead. Genre analysis is a system of analysis by which observations are made on the repeated communicative functions found in genres and on the linguistic features of these functions (Brett, 1994). Genre knowledge played an important role in helping novices understand how to produce academics, professional or educational discourse. Genre study can help to improve Chinese students’ movie …show more content…

The second level grammatical-rhetorical analysis aims to investigate the relationship between grammatical choice and rhetorical function in written English for science and technology. Discourse analysis as interaction represents the third level of language description. Most importantly, interactional analysis outlines the concept of interpretation of discourse by the reader or listener. Discourse analysis appears to have steadily moved from surface-level analysis to a deeper description of language use. However, in the context of language teaching for specific purposes, applied discourse analysis seems to represent a rather narrow description of language in use and is inadequate in its explanation. In order to introduce a thick description of language in use, it is necessary to combine socio-cultural and psycholinguistic aspects of text-construction and interpretation with linguistic insights to answer the question: why are specific discourse-genres written and used by the specialist communities the way they are? Genre analysis as an insightful description of English for specific purpose texts has become a useful and powerful tool to arrive at significant form-function correlations which can be utilized for a number of applied linguistic purposes. CARS, which means create a research space is a well-known model for conducting the structural interpretation of a

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