Disadvantages Of Flex-Time

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Today working, is the way of life. Finding the right balance between work and social life can be a challenge. Depending on people’s job field will determine their working hours. Some companies have a 9 to 5 work schedule, whereas others may offer swing shift which is typically starting in the afternoon and getting off right before midnight. Then there are companies that offer flex-time depending on the need of the employee and company. Flex-time working schedules help employees balance work and social life, which leads to productivity increase and employee commitment. Impact of Flex-time Flex-time, developed to reduce the number of missed work days and traffic congestion (Eldridge & Nisar, 2011). Introduction …show more content…

To gain highly qualified staff to their company they are offering flexible working packages. Having the control in scheduling what hours to work themselves, they feel the company cares about their personal life. Which leads to the employee having job satisfaction andhigher work commitment (Kelliher & Anderson, 2010, p. 85). According to Kelliher & Anderson ( p. 87 ) they found prior findings, flexible work schedules results in employee commitment and engagement within the company, job satisfaction and flexible work packages help the company to gain, recruit and keep qualified staff in the …show more content…

The option of working flex-time all depends on the geographical and line of work a person is in. The productivity that employees have working flex-time has shown a mix in findings. Some companies show the employees working the flex-time schedule being more productive. At the same time, the employees not working a flex-time schedule shows the same results in productivity. The pharmaceutical industry researched showed a 10 percent increase in productivity when employees had the flex-time schedule. With companies offering the flex-time schedule it has had positive results in employees staying with the company. The employees feel more part of the company and have set goals on where they would like to be. Employers can gain dedicated workers; when they offer more options on working hours for their employees. This leads them to be able to balance their work life with their social

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