Disadvantages Of Humanities

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I appreciate Mr. Coles essay, but as someone who’s went to college once and basically starting over due to the lack of finding a career or job in my field per say. Personally I think going deeper into the humanities should be optional. Based on my brief tenure in the professional workforce, I didn’t need to know about The Ancient Mayan Civilization or have a need for calculus to be successful in my job. At the same time with everything going on in the world today, I think the humanities may benefit some of the people who are freaking out behind the history of this country they live in. If anything I’d wish there would’ve been advanced home economics classes. I come from a single parent home, as well as the first in my family to graduate college. My mother didn’t know much about a budget, 401k, Roth IRA or preparing for the future in general. When I graduated college and moved out on my own, there was so many shocks I encountered living in the real world. I learned from my mistakes and ignorance and now know what to teach my future children what not to do. In college my mom told me to get a credit card to pay for my books, I had no idea I had to pay that money back monthly. I let that debt sit almost three years, when I went to purchase a nicer car that wasn’t cash, I learned about credit and how terrible mine was. Later on I would come to realize making that purchase without a career would have me in over my head. Sometimes to this day I wish I ‘d kept the car I bought

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