Disadvantages Of Juvenile Correctional Methods

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Juvenile correctional methods are a key source when it comes to helping treat the juveniles that are in need of help while they are in a correctional facility. These methods can be a different yet rewarding to the juveniles that are wanting to better themselves. Such methods are single sex facilities as well as coed facilities. The importance of single-sex programing is reflected in the debate among juvenile justice experts and practitioners concerning the advantages and disadvantages of coed verses single-sexed juvenile correctional facilities (Ruddell & Thomas, 2009, pg. 150). During the research it is known that there are positive and negative aspects of both that need to be compared as well as contrasted against one another in order to find the balance of both and analyzing them by economic issues, preparation for the outside world, programmatic resources, and cohesion by focusing on the major points within the subjects. In analyzing both single-sex & coed facilities the perspective of scripture will not only help support the major points, but it will bring more life in a more Godly perspective. While there are many issues that must be taken into consideration when designing a juvenile facility, we would assert that (whenever possible) single-sex or coed environments could be considered best practice, including living arrangements, dayrooms, and educational spaces (Ruddell & Thomas, 2009, pg. 150). Economic issues, preparing for the outside world, programmatic

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