Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones Essay

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As technology advances, so do the people who use it. Social media, connectivity, WiFi, quick availability, and convenience have all guided the increased usage of mobile devices in public places, as well as intimate settings. This generation, and all to come, has grown up on adequate media and have developed a relationship with their technologies; with the brand new programming and cell phones, everyone seems to have found themselves in a constant staring contest with their mobile devices. A public area, now, is filled with bright screens and divided attention. A home setting is riddled with cell phones and intelligent technology, lacking a home phone or a computer monitor. Utilization of cell phones in inappropriate places is on the rise and will continue to raise as long as our cell phones keep becoming smarter than the person who brings it to life; however, we can prevent our users from becoming zombies if we place some restrictions and enforce rules that limit the owner from using their mobile cell phone during times when it’s not commonly embraced. A trend of this caliber provides both advantages and disadvantages to the population. As more and more people begin to or keep using their cell phones, they will soon become dependent upon the device itself and all it has to provide. Increasingly common thoughts include the mindset that a user may not have to work for a particular task because, somewhere, there is an app for it, and that knowledge isn’t memorized because, at the touch of their fingertips, google is available to answer all inquiries. As many employees, students, teachers, and other persons learn to utilize their cell phones and its connectivity for their work and/or their studies, they eventually may forget and discontinue the skill to do whatever it is without the aid of technology. Nonetheless, the greater our phones become, the easier it will be for people to communicate to each other, to have access to things such as online shopping, bank accounts, and even some things as dire as medical records and needs, and to learn more efficiently. While the internet is addicting, it can provide its users with so much useful, knowledgeable information. Yet, those who learn the importance of their
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