Disadvantages Of Mooba Games

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Chapter IV
Result and Discussion

This chapter represents the result and discussion of data, based on the sequence of the research questions.
• To know the benefit of playing MOBA game among SHS STEM student of the UE Manila. Out of 50 respondents 30% strongly agreed and 34% agreed that students can balance studies while gaming while 10% strongly disagreed and 10% disagreed and 16% are not sure about if they can balance gaming and studies

Out of 50 respondents 16% strongly agreed and 26% agreed that MOBA games can help SHS students in their studies meanwhile 16% strongly disagree that are not helping them and the other 26% are still not sure about it.

Out of 50 respondents 30% strongly agreed and 44% agreed that MOBA game can relieve stress from SHS students while 6% disagreed and 8% strongly disagreed that it isn’t stress reliever while the other 12% based doesn’t believe either it is a stress reliever or not

Out of 50 respondents 30% strongly agreed and 36% agreed that SHS students play MOBA …show more content…

To be able to know the benefits of and constraints of playing MOBA games. We used the percentage formula as a statistical tool to get the results of the studies. The process of percentage formula is frequently divided by respondents and we multiply it by 100. The number of the participants is 50 STEM students of university of the east manila campus. During the survey we utilized the simple random tech. often we use to collect data from participants who best reflect the purpose of the study. In other words we gather participants that will best fit for our objective so we can gather essential information and problems in our study. The summary of result shows that most of them are positive results that show the benefits of playing MOBA games can help them academically and it boosts their self esteem that motivates them in school and in their daily

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