Disadvantages Of Refugee Protection

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Haddad, E. ‘Refugee protection: a clash of values

In the starting hadad defined Right: A right is something which can be exercised, earned , enjoyed, or given , which can be claimed , demanded , asserted , insisted on, secured , waived , or surrendered.

Then she has categorized Rights which are: claim rights , liberty rights , power rights and immunity rights.

Hadad states that people everywhere have rights but these rights only have meaning within the legal system of states. Thus at the domestic level human and positive rights can co exist and reinforce each other and she acknowledged that positive rights are the superior and real rights.

the foundation of the league of nations was based on underlying assumption that member states would be governed by rule of law and respect for
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If an asylum claim fails so the applicants mostly will rely on other international human rights agreements for their protection such as European Convention On Human rights (ECHR) or UK`s Humanitarian Protection.

The formulation of a refugee protection regime was firstly established in inter war period and was consolidated post 1945 along side of International Human Rights.

Refugees under the 1951 convention relating to the status of them, they have certain duties to the host country in respecting its laws and maintaining public sector such as right to freedom of religion (article 4) , the right to non-refoulement ( Article 33) and the refugees does not have the right to vote. And these Convention rights are granted once refugee status has been acquired. And the refugee protection rights are offered only to those who have left the territory of their state.

Myron Weiner Said that emigration is the matter of human rights but immigration remains a concern of national
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