Disadvantages Of Social Media

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It is the most effective and time efficient way to reach a large customer base. It is the best way to show your fans your business and receive their feedback. Using a social media platform is a very effective way to market your business to your advantage. Imagine launching a new product and it receives 1 million responses in a matter of minutes. That would not be possible without the many social media platforms available today. There are many platforms that people commonly use, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat, but just how many? There are some that are used and people may not even realize they are marketing tools. Statistics show the following statistics on people who operate a social media platform:
• Facebook- 93% (Mesenbrink, 2016), is the biggest social media platform on the internet. Facebook was established in February 2004 and has accumulated more than 1.59 billion active users. On a business level, Facebook is estimated to have more than 1 million small and medium business accounts, who actively advertise (Maina, 2017).
• Twitter- 76% (Mesenbrink, 2016), second on the list of most popular, shows to have over 320 million active monthly users. Business owners use Twitter as a means for communication, release dates for product and events and advertising ads to target specific audiences (Maina, 2017). Twitter’s downfall could be that the publisher is only able to use 140 characters per post, but the effectiveness of this

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