Disadvantages Of Software Development

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It is a working method. It allows two developers work together on the same piece of code, or work on the same workstation at the same time. When a developer is editing the code and the other developer can examine the code. The developer who is editing the code called 'Driver', another developer called "Observer". In fact, two developers often change roles. In pair programming, "Observer" considers the direction of the work, make suggestions about improvement, or problems that may arise in the future. This allows the "driver" to focus their attention on completing the task.
1. Programmer can help each other, learn from each other, meanwhile you may solve problems more easily. This method improves not only work effectively but also programming environment.
2. Improve the quality of the code and because there are two developers work together, it reduces the bugs.
3. Reduce training costs. When we are
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It is written to allow people to understand what software should do. So the developers will develop the functions of software according to the documents strictly. But the agile software development just focuses on the necessary document. It is avoid taking a lot of time to write the requirement documents. Its opinion is that the face to face communication between the human is the most important thing. So the agile think the human is core.
The most well-known methods of agile development include agile modeling, agile unified process (AUP), adaptive software development (ASD), Scrum, Lean software development, Crystal Clear Methods, Extreme programming (XP) and son on. Each method has its own characteristic and advantages.
Our team chose to use both the scrum and extreme programming mode to intergrate with our daily
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