Disadvantages Of Spanglish

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Do English learners create their own Spanglish?
Nowadays young – English Ecuadorian students are highly benefited from English; therefore, the importance to bear in mind the effect that written communication has got on English language learning process. In the same order, it is vital to address code mixing as the reason why students use Spanglish which is mixing words in their native language- Spanish and the target language English. It draws attention to the fact that learners create new words and even sentences with a blended version of Spanish and English. Therefore, this essay focuses on the review of selected authors who explain relevant aspects of Spanglish when learning English as a second language. The resources reviewed show the history of Spanglish, causes of Spanglish, consequences of Spanglish, examples of wrong morphological constructions
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The historic context basically says that Spanglish emerged from Hispano-American migration to the United States. Most of these migrants found themselves in a need to find a job; however, the lack of knowledge of English pushed them to create Spanglish forms. Consequently, not also Spanish speakers but also English speakers and bilingual speakers were affected by Spanglish. (James, 2012) said that linguistics influences had created a cultural, social and linguistic fusion. That is to say students’ Spanish influences are permanent on English learning. (James, 2012) “For a native speaker of Spanish may lead to Spanish pronunciation when speaking English” (p.45), for example students tend to pronounce “zoo” like “soo”. In addition, Spanish word and sentence order is other case of linguistic influences, for example “The house big” instead of “The gif house”. Transfer learning also involves Spanish words who look or even in some cases sound similar for example: or “school” like
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