Disadvantages Of The Study Of Women

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Individuals study women because women are just like any other species in this world. Similar to how scientists would study animals and any other living species. There are studies on the anatomy of both males and females along with the functions of their systems. What makes the study of women so unique is that women have been the gender that has had many disadvantages along the way. In past centuries women weren’t considered people. They were referred to as the term “housewife”. They cooked and cleaned the house as well as took care of the children. Women needed to make sure that everything was taken care of before the husband got home so the men felt relaxed. Even after women began gaining certain rights there was still stereotypes surrounding them about what type of job was a man’s job not allowing women the chance to prove themselves fully capable.
Studying women allow both genders the ability to look at how gender plays a role in everyday life. Prior to the studies on women, all the studies were done by men. Incorporating women into their studies allowed individuals to understand how differently the two were and are still being treated.In Margaret Anderson’s book Thinking About Women she shares a study from Carmen DeNavas-Walt, “Today women who work full-time earn, on average, 77 percent of what men working full-time earn” (2015, p. 3). Households that are run by single mothers are more likely to be poor because women still continue to make less money than men. Allowing

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