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In today’s society many people believe spanking children and physically punishing them is a good way to discipline. I believe there are many more effective ways to discipline a child.

Why do people spank their children? People believe spanking causes pain and fear that you learn from. For example if I was running by a pool and the ground was wet and I happened to slip and fall, I would get hurt and I would be afraid to fall again, so I would learn to be more cautious and walk the second time I went by. With spankings children learn through that fear and pain to no longer repeat the certain action. Spanking can also let the child know the difference between good and bad. Knowing the difference can help them become better people by
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There are many negative effects to spanking, even beyond the physical hurt and mortification, there is long-lasting emotional pain. Spanking has been linked to low self esteem, depression, masochism, and even psychological distress.

Most smokers never develop cancer, most drunk drivers don’t get into wrecks, and most children who grow up in homes with lead paint do not suffer brain damage. No intelligent adult would seriously support smoking, drunk driving, or using lead-based paint to decorate their walls. So why are adults supporting using physical force against a child?

Ask yourself is spanking children the only effective way to discipline a child? For example in math, there are many ways to solve a problem that get you to the right answer. We all want the same thing a well mannered, well behaved, polite child. Rather than spanking another form of punishment is a time out. If you choose to put the child in a time out he child should be in time out one minute for each year old they are. If they are 6 years old they would be in time out for 6 minutes. Sometimes the child might be doing something dangerous such as trying to touch the stove, instead of smacking them, you need to get down to eye level and explain to them why it is not okay to touch the stove and explain why you are upset with their behavior. You can also trade toys for things they shouldn’t be holding such as
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