Discourse And Abortion

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Plight of the Abandoned
Discourse is a tool for discovery and our greatest ally in our pursuit of ending child abandonment. In this essay, I will briefly discuss possible solutions to alleviating this dire situation. Furthermore, I will be discussing the ways in which child abandonment affects these unwanted children.
The child abandonment dilemma is a plague that affects all societies. Unfortunately, most women are reluctant to discuss socially taboo topics such as child abandonment and abortion, let alone confess to having partaken in it themselves. Herein lies our greatest obstacle. A pregnant mother who attempts to conceal her pregnancy and subsequent childbirth, does not receive the necessary medical attention which is required to ensure the well-being of her newborn infant (6, 1). This results in unsafe or unsanitary birthing conditions which
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In addition to this, education should be aimed at adults and children alike, regardless of gender. A study of sexual and reproductive health conducted at schools in Kelantan, Malaysia revealed shocking statistics that could have perilous implications (5). According to the researcher’s findings, 69.96% of the students were unaware that pregnancy could occur after having unprotected sex only once, and 64.4% indicated that they learn about sexual health from their peers (5). Misinformation and inadequate information on sexual and reproductive health are catalysts for dire situations such as unwanted pregnancies and child abandonment.
In summation, child abandonment leads to damaging ramifications for the unwanted child. Awareness and availability of support systems such as baby hatches, are crucial to prevention. Child abandonment is a plague on society that not only forsakes infants, but also the adults they will
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