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Discovering a New Me It was a chilly Thursday morning in April 2014. I woke up an hour earlier than normal to take my then husband to work. I wasn’t too thrilled about it, but his car had broken down and he had no other means to get to work. It was supposed to be just any other day: work, come home, shower, take care of our nine month old son, eat, sleep, and repeat. That Thursday morning was anything but ordinary. That morning changed me as a person. I refuse to go back to the old me. I was a twenty-two year old first time mom, married to a felon. I loved my husband dearly. We had been through it all, together since the ripe age of sixteen years old. We made it through his three year prison sentence; despite everyone’s doubts. We had our ups and our downs, but when we had our downs, they were terrible! Most of our problems stemmed from money, I felt that he wasn’t contributing enough. I had been working full time from the time I turned eighteen. He couldn’t hold a job for six months, and even when he did, he wouldn’t bring his check home. He was reckless, he had always been. His recklessness is what attracted me to him when we first met, but at that point I just wanted him to grow up and be a man. I didn’t need to be taken care of but he needed to pitch in for our son’s expenses. Everything was boiling up, I could feel it. Tension was high that morning, my ex was trying to quit smoking and was on the edge. On our way to his job we were bickering over I don’t even
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