Discovering The True Nature Of Frankenstein

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Discovering The True Nature of Frankenstein There are a number of discoveries that can be found throughout the story in Frankenstein. One such event occurred in the very creation of the book when Mary Shelley (author) travels with her husband to Switzerland. Lord Byron who is a poet, suggests that everyone should come up with a ghost story to keep everyone entertained. This task is what inevitably lead to Mary creating the story of Frankenstein and then publishing it later in the book “Stories by Frankenstein.” Other discoveries throughout the book can be identified in the nature of Walton and Victor’s interest in being creators, which then lead to the creation of the creature. When Walton describes his “ardent curiosity” to his sister he is explaining his want and desire to control the “pathless sea” (Letter 3.5). Because Walton was traveling so much throughout the story, looking at the topography and how it relates to the relevance of the meaning of life, will be the central point of discovery. Also looking at how one can identify what the true meaning of life really is and how to better attain it and closing with what the motivating factors for change really are. One characteristic that was described of Victor was his temper, and the violent nature in which it took over him. Victor classified his temper as not being meant to hurt people, but how he envisioned his ability to learn about heaven and earth (Chap. 2). Victor became infatuated with the work of Cornelius

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