Discrete Wavelet Transform For Compressing And Decompressing The Speech Signal

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Discrete Wavelet Transform for Compressing and Decompressing the Speech Signal Bhavana Pujari1, Prof. S.S.Gundal2 Abstract: The original digital speech signal contains tremendous measure of memory, the main concept for the speech compression algorithm is presented here, in which bit rate of the speech signal is reduced with maintaining signal quality for storage, memory saving or transmission over the long distance. The concentration of this project is to compact the digital speech signal using Discrete Wavelet Transform and reconstruct same signal using inverse transform, in .NET. The algorithm of Compression is oriented in three basic operation, they are apply the DWT, Threshold, Encode the signal for transmission Analysis of compression procedure is done by comparing the original speech and reconstructed signal. The main advantages of DWT provides variable compression factor. Keywords: Bit rate, Compression, Decompression, Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT), .NET, Threshold. Introduction The Speech is finest effective medium for viewpoint to face communication and telephony application. Speech coding is the process of obtaining a compact representation of audio signals for efficient transmission over band-limited wired and wireless channels and/or storage. The procedure of Compression is done by transferring an original signal to alternate compressed signal that consist of small amount of memory. Compression is conceivable simply because information in input data
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