Discrimination, Misunderstanding, Contempt And Pity Are

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Discrimination, misunderstanding, contempt and pity are the things that my interviewee faces and deals with in her daily life. On Saturday, January 15th 2017, I interviewed my sister Lucia Mendez. We met at a local café near our house. We chatted for a while then we began the interview. I told her to speak to me like if I were a reporter. At first, my sister felt a bit awkward, but as I continued with the questions, she began to opened up and elaborated more on her answers. Although I know my sister, she began sharing things I never knew about her. Her personal story resonated with me. Many questions came to my mind, “Why didn’t they do anything about it?” My perspective about my sister changed after this interview. I got to understand her …show more content…

They allocated her to the center. My sister said she attended school with severely disable students. Before all students that were special education were all together. The school began to separate students that did not look disable or who did not need to use wheelchairs or braces. She stood in that school till she was in 5th grade. They kept her in the severe disable class doing kindergarten work. All she did was trace numbers and do puzzles most of the day. She took determination and requested to change schools because she was not learning anything. She was so behind her level and she knew she was capable of more because her disability was not mental, it was only physical. Eventually, she did transfer to a general education school, but she did not get the support she needed. “I don’t know why my teachers didn’t evaluate me and noticed I was not mentally disable. How could they do that to a child. I felt like I wasted my early school years. I was so behind in math, I never caught up. I developed some sort of math phobia. Until this day I struggle so hard on math.” Her eyes teared up. As we covered different topics of her life, this part really made think of what kind of teacher I want to be. My sister fell through the cracks of the school system. She was one of the statistics of not graduating high school because the school did not have ramps for her wheelchair. How disappointing. This made me angry at the

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