Discuss the Purpose and Function of Art

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What is the purpose and function of art? Art plays a large role in our everyday life. It has a heavy impact on our different cultures countries around the world. With the different countries there are different forms of art. These forms of art are some people lives. Some people enjoy art as a hobby; some make a living from art. It is just involved in so many of our daily lives. Art enhances our creativity. It also allows your curiosity explore. For the fact that art is so versatile everyone can learn, enjoy art for what it means to them.
There are many functions and purpose of art like for instance. The beauty of art most arties paint with their religion and or there believes rather if they are Catholic or Christen. Many artiest paint
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Art can also be seen as creating beauty. The idea of beauty, like that of truth, is challenged by the modern era. At one time artist were expected to portray perfection, lofty and noble ideas of beauty. For example, the Apollo Belvedere if the artist would have messed up just a little then the whole sculpture would have been ruined and they would have to scrap it and
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