Disney Creates Magic Magical Expectations

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Disney Creates Magic… Magical Expectations Since 1937, Walt Disney Studios have been captivating audiences from age three to one hundred and three. With its unique animations, memorable characters, and appealing romantic tales, Disney has left its viewers content knowing that there is always a happy ending in a harrowing world. A common theme in all Disney princess movies is that of romance, as the main character, usually a weakened female, always finds a companion and they live “happily ever after”. A frequent occurrence in Disney movies is the characters falling in love the first sight of each other. “Love at first sight” is the development of deep feelings between the two characters, and the mutual chemistry determining that the …show more content…

Through these notions, Disney’s glorified fairy tales have attributed to marriage failure, as many couples hold unrealistic expectations about their marriage. Disney’s “love at first sight” concept, eludes the viewer to conclude that by simply making eye contact with another, it is possible to instantly fall in love. According to psychologist Robert Sternberg’s “Triangular Theory of Love”, there are three components of a loving relationship: intimacy, passion, and the decision or commitment (Sterberg). “Love at first sight” falls under the passion category, characterized by the physical aspects of a relationship, including attraction and sexual consumption (Richardson). Despite the fact that passion is important, these relationships, lack intimacy, or all of the emotional aspects of an accord. Without intimacy, it is near impossible to sustain a happy and healthy relationship as both partners do not practice empathy, make attempts to understand their mate, nor do they show proper compassion to their lover. Furthermore, the relationship also lacks decision or commitment, a vital aspect of any marriage. The commitment to sustain a relationship and marry another individual for life is the foundation of marriage. Without this foundation, a marriage cannot mature and develop as the companions change through the years. In order for a marriage to work, all three components must be present, and collectively work together to ensure a loving and structured

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