Disney 's Version Of Cinderella

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Each version of Cinderella relies on the supernatural events that Cinderella endure for her to prepare for the ball. In Perrault’s version, the fairy godmother is the supernatural helper that aids her in preparing for the Prince’s ball. The fairy godmother reshaped objects and animals into different forms so they would be able to fulfill functions the fairy godmother required of them. Grimm’s version of Cinderella uses a magical bird to give her the things she needed. Cinderella does not directly ask for the things specifically, but she knows exactly how to ask for them in order to receive what she needed for the three day ball. Walt Disney’s version is similar to Perrault 's version. It also incorporates a fairy godmother, but in more detail. She turned pumpkins into carriages, pet mice into horses,a dog into a man, and the barn horse into a coachman. If the fairy godmother or magical bird did not help Cinderella, she would have not been able to attend the ball and readers might not have recognized any of these stories as being versions of Cinderella. The treatment of Cinderella is a specific plot device that each version of Cinderella relies on to make it believable to readers that it is a Cinderella story. In Perrault 's Cinderella story version she was made to do all the dirtiest jobs of the house such as emptying chamber pots, washing clothes, all the cooking and cleaning, and all the things of a poor maid. In Grimm’s version, after Cinderella’s mother died, her
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