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A/N: This following story is extremely dark, filled with violence, an insane amount of profanity, attempted murder, actual murder, graphic depictions of depression & drug abuse, as well as dark themes that will be explored in further chapters. If any of the following content makes you feel uneasy or uncomfortable, I suggest that you skip the chapter that contains the content. Warnings will be posted at the top of every chapter that contains those things. It's rated M for a reason.

Plenty of swearing in this chapter.

Disney owns Frozen.



I was alone, freezing in the …show more content…

"Here's the list."

He handed me a huge list with a bunch of items that included a turkey, a ham, a Christmas tree, and many more.

"I would need some cash first, grandpa.", trying my best to put a smile on my place.

"Here's $300. Don't spend it all in one place."

He left, limping out of my room on his walking cane before letting out another wheezy cough.

How would I put $300 to good use? Wait, I have an idea.

I grabbed my coat and my wallet before making my way to the living room. "Are you sure you don't breakfast?", my grandfather asked before handing me a plate of my favourite pancakes. "No thanks.", I kindly refused before stepping outside of the house with my hands in my pockets.

The air was cold and dry. Although Christmas would come in ten days, there wasn't a slightest indication of eventual snowfall. The streets were barren like an abandoned wasteland. People were filling their front yards with Christmas trees, stringing lights around their houses, and putting a giant snowman on their roof. Refusing to cave into this so-called holiday spirit, I decided to walk faster.

The sky was filled with thick, grey clouds on a chilly, winter afternoon. The trees were stripped cleanly of their leaves. Children were playing street hockey, much to the disdain of the …show more content…

What the fuck was that? Don't you see where you're FUCKING going?!", I shouted at the top of my lungs, not minding the people watching. Someone had just crashed into my overflowing cart, spilling nearly everything onto the ground. I expected it to be an overweight, drunken idiot, but I was soon mistaken.

"I'm terribly sorry about that."

It wasn't an overweight, drunk buffoon as I expected. It was a girl. She was quite pretty, to be honest. She had rich, platinum blonde hair, pale skin, and those eyes!

"I a-.", I was unable to get any words out. Without any delay, she carefully put my items back into my cart. Noticing the green vest she was wearing, she must be working in the store.

"Sorry.", she managed to apologize before the last item had been restored into my cart. She walked away with her arms crossed of sheer embarrassment. What really struck my attention was the amount of coworkers jeering and making fun of her after the accident.

"Check out that fucking klutz!", shouted an overweight hag, who was probably a senior in that store.

"Ha! First mistake in less than 24 hours, huh?", smarked an Indian man in his 20's.

I think she might be the new girl for them to be picking on her like that.

Then, the manager came to confront

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