Disney's Success as a Company Essay

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The Walt Disney Studio’s Diversity Mission Statement is “To create an inclusive environment that is open to all perspectives, allowing us to tell compelling stories in film, animation and music that visually and emotionally reflect our audience worldwide.” “The Walt Disney Studios maintains that the only existing boundaries are those of talent, ambition, imagination and innovation.” (Moore, 2007) “The Walt Disney Company incorporates best-in-class business standards as a key pillar of its business practices.” (Unknown, 2008) Disney Company provides business standard and ethics training to all of its domestic and international employees through a web based tutorial to ensure that all employees representing the Disney Co. act ethically …show more content…

The Walt Disney Company, according to an EPA report based on 2005 records, “has reduced an equivalent of more than 71,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide” (Disney, 2008). Continual planning and organization is underway to enhance green building designs for all Disney hotels by next Earth Day. Disney’s officials say they are very committed and with great leadership and control it is definitely possible (Disney, 2008). External factors are those that affect business from outside the organization. There are several external factors that affect the outcome of day to day business, even for a huge corporation like Disney. Walt Disney has been known for its family entertainment for more than eight decades. It started small in the 1920s and has grown phenomenally today to a global corporation. Even a business this powerful and profitable is affected by external factors. According to, the definition of globalization is “to extend to other or all parts of the globe; make worldwide” (, 2008). Globalization can have a huge impact on the four functions of management. In order to achieve success, a company must have a plan or goal set in action. Once a company decides to go global, it has to decide its market. For example, Disney has over 25

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