Dispute Resolution Services for Customers Essay

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Dispute resolution represents an alternative to costly litigation, is an efficient, cost-effective way to resolve disputes between businesses and customers. BBBs at the local level helped consumers resolve nearly a million complaints in 2011. At the national level, Council of Better Business Bureau (CBBB) continue to maintain dispute resolution services for several major industries. CBBB also expanded its out-of-court dispute resolution system to a broader section of the marketplace. In 2011, CBBB managed several court-approved class action settlements per the terms of the settlement. CBBB also provided dispute resolution to national companies that have chosen to write BBB into their customer agreements. In conjunction with local BBBs, …show more content…

The new system includes 16 elements that are evaluated by BBB, weighted based on importance. It's a very fair, objective ratings system that is standards-based and fact-based, not opinion-based. For example, small-business owners could have their companies rated through the new system by going to BBB’s main Web site, where they should type the Zip Code and after that they would receive the page for the BBB from their area. After the BBB local has been contacted, they would prepare a rating for the business that has asked for rating.. BBB also gave the consumers the opportunity to initiate the process of rating a company, or filing a complaint. The process of the ratings system include questions about the type of business, how long it's been operating, what kind of licensing it has, and whether that license has ever been suspended. The BBB would analyze that information, evaluate it, use it into a ratings formula and generates a reliability report with a rank associated with it. BBB also verifies the information provided and validates it through cross-checking information that they receive from local, state, and federal agencies. They also verify with other agencies to find complaints that may have been filed against the organization. The evaluation it is a more in-depth process and accredited businesses sign a contract that include an agreement saying that they agree to adhere to BBB standards. The agreement include resolving consumer

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