Essay On Disruption In Airline Industry

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Disruption in the Airline Industry
Prepared by: Mark Lanz
City University of Seattle, IS-330, winter 2016/2017


Keywords: hypothesis

Disruption in the Airline Industry Conceptual air carrier, Poppi, provides the framework for an analysis that will be discussed throughout this paper in regards to disruptive technologies and their effect on the airline industry. Baltzan (2015, p. 231) observes that disruptive technologies are “a new way of doing things that initially does not meet the needs of existing customer.” Shu (2015) offers the airline industry is continually trying to reinvent itself to attract attention and increase revenue. However, the stress and headaches experienced by most …show more content…

Similar to Uber and Airbnb, Teague’s concept would absolutely offer disruption to the status quo of air travel (Shu, 2015). The conceptual air carrier is called Poppi and they have analyzed the stress experienced by travelers and other industry shortcomings to focus on the needs of the passenger while ignoring established industry practices. Would these radical ideas offered by Poppi create a wake-up call for the airline industry, and particularly legacy carriers? Professor Taneja explains that most airlines acknowledge the importance of disruptive innovation, however, their degree of reaction varies greatly from one carrier to another (Accenture, 2017). He also notes the industry is divided in their reaction to disruption with some continuing business as usual and others completely overhauling how they do business altogether. Strategies for transformation in dealing with each carrier’s workforce, processes, and legacy systems requires the right mindset and leveraging emerging technologies. Poppi attempts to addresses these issues while focusing on what bothers air travelers most and changing the mindsets of major carriers to envision the future of air travel. Wilson (2015) reports Devin Liddell, Teague’s principle brand strategist, would eliminate carry-on luggage and reduce the size of overhead bins to only accommodate personal items such as computer bags and jackets. Teague conducted boarding simulations

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