Distance Learning Essay

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Distance Learning "As we enter the Information Age, more and more adults from various economic and cultural backgrounds, already in the workplace, and with families are seeking to educate themselves to keep up in their careers" (Duderstadt, J., 1999). Whether that is through Higher Education, the university system, or their company's Intranet is usually dependent upon the learner. The ways that they seek to educate and re-educate themselves to stay abreast with current trends in their jobs is the topic of this paper, Distance Learning. Many of these non-traditional students are looking to advance their careers through education by non-traditional means. They may have constraints that keep them from attending a structured…show more content…
In this paper, I will define the term Distance Learning, give a brief history of distance learning, note the benefits and the disadvantages of this type of instruction, and explain how Instructional Technology plays a role in this learning program. Definition and History of Distance Learning In order to discuss the history of Distance Learning it is important to briefly define it. Distance Learning is teaching and learning without the constraints of time and space. Distance Learning is not a new concept; it has been around since the 1840's when Sir Isaac Pitman delivered instruction on shorthand via correspondence courses by mail. "By the early 1900's the first department of correspondence teaching was established at the University of Chicago. In Australia, the University of Queensland established a Department of External Studies in 1911" (Matthews, 1999). In 1969, the United Kingdom established Open University. This institution had a tremendous impact on distance education because it used a multi-media approach to teaching. The multi-media materials used at Open University consisted of constructed texts; audio and video materials; radio and television broadcasts supplemented the already existent tapes and filmstrips. "The British Open University pioneered distance education on a massive international scale"(Matthews, 1999). Open University is available to all the British colonies and
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