Distillation Of Cyclohexene Lab Report

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Objective of this experiment was to perform distillation of cyclohexanol and to purify it into cyclohexene. Also, to determine the IR spectroscopy to characterize cyclohexene. In part one of the experiment, cyclohexanol (3ml, 0.03 mole) was measured and added to a 5mL short-necked round bottom flask. Next, 0.75 mL of 85% phosphoric acid was pipetted into the flask and boiling chips was added. Then, simple distillation was setup by clamping the flask above the sand bath. A thermometer was inserted into a rubber connector so that it was below the side arm and not the touching glass. The mixture was heated for 10 minutes in the sand bath at a low temperature. After the 10 minutes the temperature was increased and the cyclohexene started to distill. The distillation head was wrapped with aluminum foil. A spatula was used to adjust the sand when the temperature exceeded 100 ºC on the thermometer. It was observed when the vapors went through the air condenser and into a receiving flask. Simple distillation was collected at 89-85 ºC. When simple distillation was completed the flask was removed from the sand bath. Then, the distillate was placed in a 30 mL separatory funnel. Next, 1.0 mL of 10% Na2CO3 was added to the distillate to neutralize acid. The funnel was swirled until there weren’t any pressure. The aqueous layer was drained from the funnel. The upper, cyclohexene, was poured to an Erlenmeyer flask. Next, 1.0 mL of toluene was added to the flask. The flask sat out for 5

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