Essay Distillation and Fraction Distillation Lab Report

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By: Sean Polson
05 September 2011
Organic Chemistry Lab: Experiment 1
Section 2 – 12:30 to 2:20
Distillation and Fractional Distillation

Distillation and Fraction Distillations
The purpose of distillation is to purify a liquid. Distillations are use to purify contaminates out of water to obtain clean pure water, as well as, to separate mixtures of liquids into their individual components; e.g. methanol and water.
Distill methanol from water using a simple distillation apparatus and fractional distillation apparatus to determine which is a more accurate form of distillation.
Chemical reaction and mechanism:
This experiment is conducted in three phases: 1) Phase I: Simple …show more content…

As it reaches the distilling side arm, the temperature of the vapor is collected. The vapor pressure becomes strong enough that the vapor begins to travel down the condensing tube where it is converted back into liquid. This liquid should be distilled from any contaminants. This is capable because different molecules have different boiling points. For instance waters boiling point is roughly 100oC where as Methanol’s boiling point is 65.4oC therefore the Methanol will boil and evaporator first leaving only water in the boiling flask. Once the temperature of the vapor reaches 100oC no methanol should be left in the boiling flask and the water should now be the only vapor

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