Distributing Organs

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Distributing the organs among the patients should be done in an ethical way. Not everyone in need of an organ transplant gets what is needed for him because there is a shortage in organ availability. Actually, there should be a fair distribution plan and everyone should be aware of it. Most likely there are two types of distributive rightness. The first type is called equal access, which means the available organs should be fairly divided among the waited patients no matter the sex or the race, and the waiting time length should be considered. The first on the list be treated first. Another type of distributive justice is called maximum benefit, which means that the doctor give the priority to the patient who "the doctor sees " that he/she will live longer or the transplantation will be successful. It is a way to avoid wasting the organs because they are rare. UNOS encourages the transplant centers in the United States to use those methods in distributive the organs: the medical need, probability of success, and time on the waiting list. …show more content…

There are many arguments that shows it has no fairness between the patients simply because no one has the ability to determine how long the transplanted patient will live after the surgery. How many years the organ will function. I believe that the second type is an unethical issue in the distribution because there is no equality between people, and it gives its back to the older people, and not giving them the opportunity to get the organ they are needed for. as a result, they may lose their

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