Organ Sales

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Selling Organs Many people are dying each day because of the lack of organs available. Waiting lists can be as long as 106,000 people. On an average 17 patients in need of transplants die each day. Is this fair to the families or is selling organs a better option? What are the benefits of organ selling and should it be made legal? By legalizing organ selling we would be saving lives. People sell organs on the black market every day; the downfall to this is that the surgeons that remove the organs are not always sanitary or certified. The article legalizing paid organs: pros and cons states “Establishing a federal agency to oversee organ sales will cut dialysis costs and save lives, of both patients in need of new kidneys and …show more content…

This meaning that the organ may have been stolen from an unwilling donor and then sold. It could also mean someone was murdered in order to harvest and sell the organs for the sake of profit. I personally feel that they should legalize selling organs but it would need to be regulated. I feel that people selling the organs must first sign a waiver stating what organs they are willing to sell. They then would need to be harvested in a safe sanitary environment by a trained

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