Distribution Of Distribution : Procurement Department Purchases The Raw Materials

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7. Distribution Strategic Procurement department purchases the raw materials; the purchased material is then stored in the warehouses. Its warehouse department’s duty is to check the placement of that raw material, at what quantity and when is it needed, so that they could provide the material to production department accordingly. Planning department arranges the raw materials in case of shortage, what quantity is need in the next quarter and which type. Basically the planning department is forecasting. The raw material is then tested by the quality assurance department and if it passes then a green label is attached and moved to concerned warehouse section in which approved raw materials are stored. In case of any disaster or wastage …show more content…

The production process starts by an air shower facility, through which all the employees pass, before getting their hands on the production equipment. This shower is designed to exterminate all the bacteria’s and germs that might be present on our bodies or clothes. The first stage of the manufacturing process of solid oral drugs is granulation, where the minced solution is granulated in the forms of tablets, which to some degree are wet. Then these tablets are passed into fluidized bed dryers, which dries the tablets. Once the tablets have been dried they are further sieved where again another form of granulation takes place. Once the tablet has been properly granulated it is passed in the multi-dimension mixer (MDM), which serves the purpose of lubricating these tablets. After the lubrication these tablets are sent into compression machines, where they are compressed and then finally for final coating. After coating the tablets are placed on the blister machines, where blisters are made and after that they are manually packed in small packages. The final product is then sent to transit finished goods. 8. Out Sourcing: A further source of complexity (and convenience) is the use of contractors to manufacture some or indeed all of the active ingredient stages. This process of outsourcing is a growing one, as research-oriented companies

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