District Honor Band Reflective Essay

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December. Ask most students, and this is the best month of the first half of school. The semester is coming to a close, and holiday season is near. On the other end of the spectrum, when a band nerd hears the word, they are overcome with a mix of emotions: fear, anxiety, and excitement. The cause for this: District Honor Band. What is District Honor Band? It is a band that students across Gwinnett county audition for in the first half of December. Walk in, sit down, play an etude, scales, and you leave. Simple enough, right? Now, what does this mean to a bank kid? Practice. Hours and hours of practice. Freshman year me really, really wanted to make District band. In middle of August, 2014, the etude for my audition almost four months away …show more content…

Months of practice for that single audition, and I didn’t make it. Of course I was upset, most people in my position would be. I did, however, grow as a player far more than I could have imagined during that process. I continued practicing, I continued taking weekly private lessons, and I continued getting better so I could try again next year. A year passes and again, the etude came out, I practiced for hours, and took it to my private lesson teacher every week. Everything the same as last year. The audition date comes and again I can feel my heart racing. I walk in, sit down, play my etude and scales, and leave. The same unbearable level of anxiety once again existed among us, and again we waited for a couple weeks. All the same as last year, except one thing; I made it this time. Instantly after hearing the news that I had made third chair, I felt the weight of the world lifted off my shoulders and was overwhelmed with complete joy. After not making it freshman year, it would have been easy to quit. It would have been a lot easier than to keep up my practicing routine and try again next year. It would have been more convenient. It would have saved me hours of time, and a lot of money in private

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