Divergent Book Vs Movie

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The movie Divergent is based on the novel by Veronica Roth. The book and film takes place in future Chicago where there are five factions; Dauntless, Abnegation, Erudite, Amity, and Candor. People in future Chicago take a test to determine what faction is most like them. If multiple factions are the result of the test, then it is determined that the person is Divergent. This is a rare story of Beatrice Prior’s experience as being Divergent and surviving in the Dauntless community. The movie starts with Beatrice Prior choosing a different faction that what she has grown up in; Dauntless. After she jumps on trains and off the top of a building, training begins. The physical training includes self defense and simple fighting strategies. After…show more content…
Shailene Woodley portrays Beatrice Prior. She shows signs of each faction throughout the film and creates an accurate portrayal of Beatrice in Veronica Roth’s book. Tobias Eaton was acted out by Theo James. Theo James accurately acted out Tobias Eaton in great detail. At the beginning of the movie, Tobias seemed cold hearted. Tobias had the right attitude and attitude change throughout the movie. Kate Winslet acted out Jeanine Matthews. Jeanine Matthews is a strict women that leads the erudite faction. Winslet creates a great choice for the actress because she is very formal and stiff. And finally Natalie Prior, Beatrice and Caleb Prior’s mother, is acted out by Ashley Judd. Ashley Judd plays the important role of Beatrice and Caleb’s mother and acts brave, showing her dauntless past personality, and selfless present…show more content…
Black signifies the bravery and strength of the dauntless faction. Even though throughout the movie Beatrice’s shirt changed, her tattoo still was showing. The significance from the tattoo is that it represents her family that she left behind. Therefore, by showing the tattoo, she is showing that her family is always with her. Tobias Eaton wore short sleeved black shirts for the majority of the movie. By wearing the short sleeves, his muscles are exposed. The significance of the muscles are important because it represents that he is strong and fights for what is right. Jeanine matthews wore a very sophisticated and stiff suit jacket. The jacket symbolizes Matthew’s personality; very stiff and sophisticated. Lastly, Natalie Prior showed signs of dauntless costume while remaining abnegation. Her clothing was tight fit, showing that she had control and bravery like a dauntless person. In the same respect, her clothing is grey, which symbolizes the importance of not standing out and being selfless in the abnegation community. The movie Divergent was a drama and science fiction film. This film is for teenagers and young adults that like drama and/or science fiction. The acting and costume was great, however certain parts of the film needed work. For example, the relationships with the friends were not as strong as they were in the book. Little, but significant details were missing. This impacted the rating and made me conclude
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