Diverse Classroom Reflection

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Success in a diverse classroom comes from a balance of student self-awareness and community acceptance of others (Beth Morrow). This year for my Emerging Literacy clinical I had the opportunity to experience Mrs. Cota’s 4k classroom at Longfellow Elementary in West Allis Wisconsin. The school mission at Longfellow Elementary is to “develop a school culture where students, teachers and families form strong relationships to support learning” (Cota, 2017). When I first walked into Longfellow Elementary I did not think that it was very diverse. However, Mrs. Cota informed me that Longfellow is indeed diverse. The school is a mix of cultures and races. The school is an estimate of 45 percent Caucasian, 10 percent African American, 35 percent Hispanic and 10 percent other. With such a mix of cultures in the school it is important for students and their families to feel comfortable, safe and accepted in the classroom and school environment. The world is becoming more and more diverse therefore classrooms and schools are also becoming more and more diverse. “Students of color now constitute approximately 40 percent of all students enrolled in public schools, and this population is expected to grow considerably in the coming years” (Cooper, 2011, p. 189). With this said Each child and family needs to feel a sense of belongingness, regardless of the commonalities and differences that exist between them and others in the group. Students need to feel like they can be themselves at
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