Diversity And Originality Of The Philippine Culture In The Philippines

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The diversity and originality of the Philippine culture are outstanding and is heavily influenced by the Spanish, who brought their own to spice up Philippine's culture, religion, lifestyle, and way of thinking. It all dates back during 1564; it is one of the most significant years of the Philippine history for it is a year in which the invasions on the Filipinos by New Spain led by Miguel López de Legazpi were successful. It was not until later, however, when Legazpi and the Spanish created perennial settlements around the coasts of Cebu despite heavy opposition from the Cebuanos. Additionally, the Spanish sought after up and running, albeit small, communities without central governing figures to perhaps strengthen the rule of the Governor-General Legazpi. Around this time, religion began playing a significant role in the Philippines as the Filipinos were divided between Muslim and Catholic rule. The former deemed more dominant as the group was much larger than the former, however, things were bound to change under Legazpi and the Spaniards. Generally speaking, the number of Muslims in Mindanao and Sulu were much higher than in Visayas and Luzon as the organizations were bigger and more organized, thus it was easier to start with smaller groups. The Spanish took this opportunity and decided to Catholicize the small communities before spreading the religion into a much bigger scale. It became the root of the conflict between Muslim Filipinos and Christian Filipinos. On
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