Diversity: Discrimination and Service Users

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2 Be able to champion diversity, equality and inclusion

2.1 Promote equality, diversity and inclusion in policy and practice

It is your role and responsibility to ensure that all staff promote equality, diversity and inclusion, whether dealing with service users directly or indirectly. This can be done in the following ways:

Dignity and respect – respect individual’s need for privacy and dignity in the way that service is provided and the way that information is handled. Treat service users with tolerance and have a non-judgemental attitude

Information and Communication – providing information in different formats for example large print, Braille, video, tape, total communication, other languages, providing an interpreter. …show more content…

It is not easy to change the views of others but you must challenge discriminatory comments and actions. It is important to learn assertiveness strategies that can help when you recognise discrimination. When challenging discrimination, you should:

1. explain what has happened or what has been said that is discriminatory
2. state the effect of this on the individual, group and others
3. suggest or model ways to ensure anti-discriminatory practice.

In my job role, you have a duty of care to challenge discrimination in a positive way and promote inclusion. When you are concerned about anti-discriminatory practice, whether by staff or by service users, you should challenge it effectively so that future incidents of discrimination can be prevented. This will also empower individuals to understand their rights. When you are concerned about anti-discriminatory practice, whether by staff or by service users, you should:

• Always act fairly and try to see things from the other person’s point of view. • Consider that there could be different pressures, needs and cultures. • Always use positive language and never use words or phrases that could be disrespectful towards another person. • Do not allow prejudices and stereotyping to influence you and do not accept any type of discriminatory behaviour.

2.3 Provide others with information about:
• the effects of discrimination

As a manager the best way to provide

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