The Mission Of The Division Of Taxation

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Agency Description The mission of the Division of Taxation is to administer the State’s tax laws uniformly, equitably, and efficiently to maximize State revenues to support public services; and, to ensure that voluntary compliance within the taxing statutes is achieved without being an impediment to economic growth. The Division does the following to achieve this mission:
• Recognize, in all that we do, that our voluntary tax system requires that all of our clients be treated equally, consistently, and uniformly without regard to race, creed, sex, ethnicity or political affiliation.

• Recognizing that public confidence in the tax system requires that our clients believe it is administered fairly and honestly, do all in our power to ensure the integrity of our systems and coworkers and to create and foster that image in the minds of our clients. In so doing, we will conduct ourselves in a manner which projects professionalism, always treating our clients with courtesy and responsiveness.

• Conduct the affairs of our agency in the most efficient manner possible without unnecessarily encumbering the economic well-being of our clients.

• Maximize revenues to instill public confidence that all citizens are paying their fair share.

• Recognize the dignity of human labor, always providing our coworkers with opportunity for job enrichment and advancement and the information essential to both. On the human level, we will treat every coworker with respect.

• Never shirk
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