Diversity, Inequality, And Immigration

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Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration
Bradley Amo
HHS 201-Introduction to Human Services
Instructor Roche

Diversity, Inequality, and Immigration
Due to the long history of inequality, wealth and economic factors have been contributing to the poverty rate in America. Even though, many issues in discrimination also has been an increasing issue in so many areas of ethnicity that politicians should focus upon in order to reduce discrimination and improve the American economy. Diverse groups should also be at the center of attention as diversity has always been at the forefront of the many issues of inequality in America. There should be justice for many of the unnecessary burdens of inequality, and discrimination as many of the economic issues would start to decrease. Politicians should also be focusing on immigration factors as immigrants have struggled to maintain a healthy lifestyle in America for many years. Human service work is a major safeguard for many of the inequality issues because human services has a caring helping hand in many of the inequalities around the world as these issues do not only exist in America. Although, inequality should be addressed on all levels, politicians should create policies to safeguard against discrimination and inequality because many of the economic issues would be decreased and it would create a better environment for the human service worker to help care for many of the different societies. Inequalities have been a
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