Diversity in classroom

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My first field experiment was very necessary for me to observe the ways of a successful teacher. It contributed to me learning how to deal with diversity, classroom control, and accommodation for different learning styles. In my field experiment, I focused on diversity and how it plays a huge part in how the students interact and learn within the classroom. Diversity simply put, is to have variety or differences inside of a group. Diversity in the classroom may include: exceptionalities, culture, language, learning style and gender. Different types of diversities in a classroom can if not recognized, and accommodated for hinder the learning environment. As a successful teacher, it is necessary to demonstrate an understanding for diversity…show more content…
I could barely hear what was being said but body language showed that the student was frustrated and that Dr. Benson understood why and how to help accommodate the student. Once he took time with one student he allowed them to continue on their own, while he moved to the next student. Some good dispositions that I noticed Dr. Benson had were humility, confidence, patients, and openness. These dispositions served as a way to make the students comfortable with the diversity in the classroom. No student felt out of place and I believed it was because they felt accepted and not judged. They were taught when they got something wrong and rewarded with cookies when they were correct. One thing I appreciated was how in on part of the class the students were given the chance to correct their peer class work which according to Dr. Benson helped them retain the information better. The course text supports the assumption that all students can learn. I agree completely with the text and know that it is important that students have the opportunity to learn in a way that best fit them. Teachers that have one way of teaching tend to neglect the students that don’t flourish in that particular style. Also I know that dispositions of the teacher can either encourage student learning or hinder it. Students tend to do better in subjects they enjoy and enjoy the subject if they are attracted to the
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