Diverty And Education : The Causes Of Poverty

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“Hungry and tired, the boy squirms in his seat. Surrounded by classmates studiously working, he stares out the window, one leg anxiously thumping the side of his desk. In second grade, he has already experienced the types of stressors that dull the colors and geographies of childhood into shades and valleys of gray... His book is opened to a happy story, but neglected. There are dark circles under his eyes, and he startles easily. [The teacher] noticed that he seems both alienated from his peers and clearly desperate to fit in. Unfortunately, the basic social skills required to gain social acceptance don’t come easily to him. Regulating his emotions is also a struggle. Prone to outbursts, he doesn’t communicate his needs in grade-appropriate ways. He accumulates school absences and tardies the way other students accumulate new clothes. Having noticed that he is also struggling in reading, [the teacher] is beginning to wonder if he may have some sort of disability. Truth is, the boy is homeless” (Firth). These are often the stories heard about the educational progress of poverty-stricken children. With struggles including an unstable living environment, continuous drug use, abuse, and the absence of parental guidance, the children are facing adversity within the educational system. Since poverty and health are interlinked with a lower level of education in a society, we must study their relationship and effects to minimize the impact they have in a community.
Poverty is

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