Diverty And Poverty In Ethiopia

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Ethiopia has long been known as the cradle of humanity. It was from here that primitive man first emerged. Yet 100 million years later, Ethiopia is in crisis. In which 62% of the population live in what the United Nations describes as absolute poverty. The extent of the poverty facing the Ethiopian people is staggering. Wherever you look, throughout the country, the indicators of poverty – subsistence farming, hunger, high mortality rates – can be seen. Over the years more and more kids are being born into the world of poverty or shifting into this harsh environment where they don’t have enough money, good irrigation system, good soil for food which is causing many people seem like mainly made up of skin and bones, because of malnutrition. Ethiopia, which is a very poor country in North Eastern Africa, has indeed been a very unfortunate country in the past years. The country itself has faced many problems; however, this problem of poverty is the most permanent and most difficult problems they have faced in a long time. In Ethiopia, the battle against poverty and hunger has taken a countless number of lives, and has made it very hard for people to deal with these harsh and intense conditions, shown in Graham Peebles article, Hungry and Frightened: Famine in Ethiopia written on April 29 of 2016 “Millions of the poorest, most vulnerable people in Ethiopia are once again at risk of starvation. Elderly men and women, weak and desperate, wait for food and water; malnourished

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