Assess The Role Of Malnutrition In Ethiopia

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2. the vast majority collects most of its basic foods needs either by food or cash transfers. In comparison in Somalia, Ethiopia is also experiencing the worst drought within these past thirty years. Save the Children in January 2015 projected that roughly 2.9 million people were suffering from food security and has risen to over 10 million within a course of a year. Similarly to Somalia, Ethiopia’s main source of income is livestock and agriculture; however, due to the lack of rain it has left millions with no source of food (leads to malnutrition) or income. Ethiopia’s government allocated 297 million dollars in assistance to relieve efforts within the country . However, the 297 million dollars in assistance is not enough and it’s projected that an approximation of 1.4 billion dollars is needed to provide adequate food, shelter, and other resources to relieve efforts in Ethiopia.…show more content…
Children are the main targeted group that suffers the most with over 400,000 Ethiopian children being diagnosed with severe acute malnutrition. Abi, a 48 year Ethiopian father, describes how his children had to stop attending primary school due to a lack of food and nutrients needed to concentrate in their studies. The story of Abi is only one of 2.5 million students that the educational system calculates will loose due to the drought. As a result, the cycle of poverty and lack of education will continue with the next generation unless preventative measures are
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