Diverty, As A Cause Of Poor Health And Poverty

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Poor health can be linked to poverty, as both a consequence and a cause of poor health. Individuals deprived of information, money, or assess to health care are the most affected.
The very poor and vulnerable knowingly place their health at risk because they have to make a choice between health care and feeding their family. Simulated scenarios provided a brief experience of what people who live at or below the poverty line go through on a weekly basis. The simulated scenarios gave the class a glimpse of how lack of money and resources impacts safe and quality health care delivery. Living in poverty can create a social, economic, and physical environment that impacts the health of families in various communities. Marginalized groups are the most affected by political decisions made about healthcare policies, they can be deprived of information that would help them prevent and treat disease. Social stigmas follow those who experience poverty; they are considered lazy, ungrateful, and a burden to society. The tragic stereotypes that follow people living in poverty are an unfortunate societal norm. Some are quick to judge this type of individual, without even considering the possible story behind a person’s situation. Even families who are living right on the poverty line have to make tough decisions. Families that live right at the poverty line may not be allowed to receive government assistance, and have to pay out of pocket for health care. Fees for drugs, clinic,

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