Divine Images In The Enuma Elisha And The Drama Of Scripture

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Humans were made to have a relationship with God, other humans, themselves, and the world around them. Throughout Genesis 1, we see the word “good” repeatedly, showing us that we were made in his likeness. Humans shall have a relationship with their creator because he created them for him and to serve him in the best way possible Man and women were made to have companionship, and reproduce future generations to fill the earth with life. It is important that humans have a relationship with themselves by being self-aware of their mind and body. Humans must know their limits and be able to maintain a healthy-stable relationship with themselves, To grow and connect with God. Lastly, humans were created to have a relationship with the world because it is important to take care of and interact with the environment God gratefully gave us. Having a relationship with the world means that humans were created to work for God and ensure we are watching over the work of God.
The view of divine images in the expert of The Enuma Elisha and the text, The Drama of Scripture, are similar in a few aspects, but broadly different too. In comparison, humans were created through a higher divinity to serve a God and follow his laws, but each in an entirely different way. In the scripts of Enuma Elisha, Marduk was promised his word would become law, and much more if he won the battle to earn his power. Whereas God did not have to fight to gain his power or right to laws, God’s word has always been

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